How to Eliminate Dog Odor

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Address the Dog Smell

It may be a delight when having dogs in the house. Indeed, your dog will provide companionship as well as love. But, he can also stink up your house. If you want to get rid of the dog odor in your house, you have to target specific fabrics such as furniture and carpet. It’s important to clean and vacuum them often. In addition, you can also remove the dog odor by giving him a bath. Continue reading this article to learn some ways to eliminate dog odor.

Address the Dog Smell

Address the Dog Smell

Use baking soda

Many pet owners choose baking soda because they offer the odor neutralizing properties. In order to get rid of some of the dog smell in your house, you just need to sprinkle a little baking soda on the areas that need to be handled.

Use apple cider vinegar

This is a great way to deal with dog smell in your home. The thing you need to do is mixing one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water. Then, you can use this mixture to spray on the area with the worst smell such as carpet, fabric, and so on. This is a great way to cover up your dog’s urine smell.

Open your windows

It’s best to keep the windows open as often as possible. By this way, you can make the air out your home smell fresher. Also, this helps to eliminate some of the dog smell. Before opening your windows, you need to consider the weather. This way aims to prevent water damage because of the rain. Also, it’s important to pay attention to the temperatures outdoors. Don’t open windows in very frigid weather.

Pay attention to specific areas with the strongest smell

To care for the dog odor, it’s essential to determine the locations with the most problematic smell. To do this, you have to walk around the house. Then, care for smell the furniture as well as find rooms affected most.

Consider locations your dog frequents

We recommend you to go around areas your dog take the most time here. You can see whether there is any noticeable odor thanks to your sense of smell.

Spray some air freshener

You can cover up any sources of smell by using an air fresher. After cleaning all your carpet as well as furniture that causes the dog smell, you need to spray some air freshener on the areas where have the dog odor. But, some air freshers come with bad chemicals for animals and humans.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Consider a general cleaning product

This is considered as one of the best ways to get rid of dog odor. You have to clean your house often. It’s best to use a general disinfecting cleaning product in order to break down pet-related odors. There are some popular brands such as Urine Off, Nature’s Miracle, Biokleen, Pawsitively Clean, and Rug Doctor.

Sweep and vacuum often

You can easily see the dust and dog hair over time if your house has tile floors or hardwood floors. It’s more difficult to see them if you have carpet. But, you still have to clean them regularly. In addition, don’t forget to wash your own bedding at least once a week. By this way, you can also cut down on any odor.

Take Care of Your Dog to Reduce Smell

Take Care of Your Dog to Reduce Smell

Bathe your dog regularly

By bathing your dog regularly, you can reduce dog odor in your home. This way also helps to keep the odor at bay. You should use a high-quality pet shampoo. It will help to eliminate dandruff as well as buildup on your dog’s skin.

Brush your dog’s teeth

If your house gets the better smell, you need to keep out the dog odor. To do this, you should maintain his health and hygiene. You should also brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week. You can consider feeding your dog some dog food types that can be able to help him maintain dental health.

Wash dog toys

If your pet regularly plays with his toys, they can get pet odors over time. Don’t forget to wash his toys at regular interval. You can wash fabric toys in the washing machine in the delicate setting. But, you shouldn’t wash plastic toys in the washing machine. Instead, wash them with your hands.

Consult your vet about problems

Your dog’s odor can lessen significantly when you clean your house as well as your dog regularly. But, if the smell doesn’t go away, it’s time to consult your vet. Then, she will give you some help. In addition, she can also advise you on the additional steps you can do in order to get rid of the dog smell. There are some common causes of excessive dog smell such as ear infections, dog halitosis, improper diet, and anal gland problems.

Reasons Why They Cut Dog’s Ears

Pet Care

Many pet owners cut their dog’s ears. And, this has become controversial many years. But, some pet owners think that cropping a dog’s ears is unnecessary as well as cruel. And, some others think that this is beneficial for a dog. In this article, we will help you learn about cropping a dog’s ears.

Reasons Why They Cut Dog’s Ears

Ear Infections

Ear infections have become one of the most common problems in dogs, especially for ones with floppy ears. In fact, cropping a dog’s ears can help to get risks of ear infections. Your dog’s ears being cropped can also circulate air through his ears. In addition, this can keep the growth of bacteria to a minimum as well.

Breed Standard

Before you decide to get a Cane Corso to your family, you need to research this breed for a little year. It’s important to identify his standard and temperament. In fact, many dogs were mostly bred for working. The Cane Corso can be able to guard and hunt large game. And, cropping their ears can great when guarding or hunting.

Nature’s way

Nowadays, it’s hard to look for a vet who can help you cut your puppy’s ears. Many people think that it seems to be deformed and unnatural for a dog with cropped ears. However, it’s unnatural for floppy ears.

The Basics of Ear Cropping

There are many popular breeds having their ears cropped such as Boxers, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes,  Schnauzers,  Pit Bull Terriers, and Boston Terriers. The ideal time to crop a dog’s ears is between eight and twelve weeks old. And, you have to take up to two months to heal your dog’s ears. It’s essential to keep your dog’s ears upright at this stage. Remember to keep them taped up for the best result.

The Pros

Cropping dog’s ears will create a sharp and alert look. This is especially important for show dogs. Many pet owners think that cropping a dog’s ears can help to preserve the traditional look of the breed. In addition, this can enhance a dog’s appearance. Also, this way helps to provide a winning edge over dogs who have natural ears.

In fact, a dog with ears cropped can be able to prevent the risk of getting ear infections. Indeed, if your dog’s ears hang down over the canal, your dog will easily get the growth of bacteria and infection. In fact, dogs with upright ears are less prone to infections. That’s why cropping a dog’s ears is considered as a favor to him. Cropping a dog’s ears can help to improve his health to a small degree.

The Cons

Some pet owners don’t want to crop their dog’s ears. They think that their dogs may feel pain during this process. Their dogs can endure sore ears. Some others don’t like this because they want to look the natural ears of their dog.

Those who oppose the cropping their dog’s ears also dismiss the health benefits proclaimed of this process. They think that they just have to take care of their dogs properly. Then, their dogs can be able to get rid of ears infections. In addition, for them, cropping the ears is less painful than an ear infection. Moreover, cropping a dog’s ears also require you to take care of him diligently during the healing process. Otherwise, your dog can get infections from improper healing.

Aftercare tips

It’s important to keep your dog’s ears cropped as clean as possible. To do this, you have to clean them 2 -3 times a day. It’s best to use peroxide and Neosporin when cleaning.

All scabs need to be removed. It’s essential to remove them right after you notice them. In fact, these scabs can prevent your dog’s ears from standing right when healed. Then, don’t forget to soak your dog’s in warm water prior. By this way, you can remove them easily.

Consult your vet during the healing process. If she asks you to return to their office, you should be there on time. In fact, leaving your dog’s stitches too long can cause infections. Also, this can prevent the ears from the right healing.

Consider adding supplements to your dog’s diet. By this way, you can promote the healing process. In addition, you can also give your dog the proper building blocks to recover.

Treat infections immediately. Once you notice your dog has infections, it’s time to call your vet. Your vet will give you a thorough examination of your dog.

The Final Verdict

After all, cropping a dog’s ears depending on the owner. Some people think that it’s cruel to crop their dog’s ears. And, others decide to do this because they think it’s important. Most importantly, if you decide to crop your dog’s ears, make sure you regularly clean his ears as well as check for signs of infection.



At this time, dog waste bags are products of many different materials. It includes friendly and hard resources. Mainly, people use plastic to make bags for dog waste. This is the kind of bags are generally used for dog waste by pet owners.

However, you are unknowable that plastic bags have a lot of drawbacks. This post will help you better understand the disadvantage of plastic bags.

Strengths of plastic bags

The majority of dog waste bags are the products from plastic. However, these bring the dog’s owners and the pets a lot of advantages. You can use it for your pet at all times, everywhere (at home or outside).

Likewise, many places make and sell the plastic bags for dog droppings. Especially, it has a reasonable cost. Thanks to that, it is a lot of pet owners choose to save money.

However, the dog owners only see it’s the good sides. They ignored the bad aspects which have a great influence on their life. Therefore, plastic bags are a thing that many owners use popularly.

Some places of the world have noticed the shortcomings of plastic bags. Thus, it was prohibited from using to pick up dog waste. They give a rank to consume natural bags.

Should use plastic bags for dog waste?

The question is why should not use plastic bags for dog waste? The plastic is a mix that difficult to decompose. In the ideal condition, the plastic decay must take hundreds of years. Even it takes thousands of years.

You try to think the impact of a big amount of plastic bags. If you throw it out the earth, what will things happen to our Earth? The moderate destruction exposed more or less our living environment. The plastic bags cause the evil effects to make you consider your actions.

Therefore, stop believing that plastic bags are the perfect sort of cleaning up dog shit. It is only the noticeable front of the eyes. The huge penalties hide by the benefits waiting for humans in the future.

The effects of plastic on humans

The plastic bags destruct to the environment and threaten the health of humans. Still, it leads the enormous risk to bio variety and ecosystem.

The plastic has a high content of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). It is dangerous really chemical. These substances break into human and animal body; they will cause damage to the body.

The danger from plastic bags making process

In basic terms, plastic bags are a yield of the non-renewable resources. For example, it has petroleum and natural gas. Therefore, the production will have a large impact on the natural world.

The exploited process will have several poisonous substances exhausting air environment. In addition, to make plastic bags have to use a lot of energy. It is vastly wasteful.

You said that the use of plastic bags to pick up dog droppings is practical. But, unlikely you will not prevent costs of the plastic if these happen. The plastic bag is not the only choice for pet owner pets and animals.

Should pet owners act?

To choose a kind of suitable bag for dog waste is a knotty problem. Besides that, it has to be right to owners use. Also, you need to pay attention to protect the planet.

Then, you need to be sensitive in choosing as to buy it. You need to consider all aspects of the product consisting of pros and cons. In particular, the impacts occur on humans and the natural environment.

Besides, if the pet owners use the friendly dog waste bags, the plastic bags will be limited to create. It is the help to protect the natural world and each person.

The plastic bags for dog waste bring to be fewer the advantages than the weakness. And so, you need to search with care previous to decide to buy dog waste bags. It is an important detail to give to the pure environment.

You can care something like the green dog waste bags. These are easy to break up and cause a small amount the damages to people and animals.

What If You Discover Body Parasites In Your Dogs?

Pet health issue

Among the major body dilemmas of your pet dogs, there could be a fair hand of the body parasites in contributing to these. Similar to the human beings, these parasites reside in the body of dogs and could be found glued to the organs such as stomach and intestines.

Various kinds of worms such as Heartworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms and whipworms etc. generally attack the body of pets and could offer them some serious troubles in their body.

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How To Tell If The Dog Possesses Worms?

Parasites are known as the ‘silent killers’ and they generally do not let their presence be felt in the body. But due to them, the dogs could soon be offered some grave symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of energy
  • Inflation of the belly
  • Transform in the appetite and eating habits of the dog
  • Loss of body weight 
  • Loss of color of the outer coat
  • Frequent itching and skin irritation problems
  • Rubbing belly due to pain
  • Visibility of worms in the fecal matter
  • Frequent coughing
  • Hair loss
  • Poor outer appearance

Due to all these symptoms, the body of pets would get corroded to a great extent, such that it could also lead to the death of your pet.

Clinical Diagnosis For The Presence Of Parasites:

Vets generally offer a stool test for the concerned dog to find out the extent up to which the disease has affected the body. Stool test could also determine the strength of the parasite, its reach, its reproducing ability and the eggs which are present in the same.

Apart from the stool test, urinary tests and blood tests could also be required for the dogs that turn serious. Various parasites lead to infection in the body which could be carried to the other systems by the means of blood. A meticulous blood test could determine the extent of affect of parasites on other body parts.

Clinical Treatments To The Dogs:

Once the troubles due to parasites are recognized, vets could offer various kinds of treatment methods to do them out of the body. A hoard of medicines such as Piperazine, Pyrantel Pamoate, Fenbendazole, Praziquantel and Epsiprantel etc. are available that could be used for killing and defecating the worms from the body of dogs.

Prevention Of Parasitic Problems In Dogs:

Though parasites could easily enter the body of pets, a proper care for their sanitation and surroundings could help you in preventing the occurrence of this problem.

Diet Of The Dogs: Be careful of not providing dogs with raw meat and fish. These could be highly infected with parasitic eggs which find a good dwelling place in the inner organs of the pets. Cooking them is best for the health of your pets. Also, offer them clean drinking water.

Sanitations: Your dogs should reside in a clean and peaceful environment as filthy environment could have infected fleas. These fleas and ticks attack the body of pets and render them parasitic worm eggs.

Parasitic problems are temporary troubles for pets but could turn out to be critical if not given due attention at proper time.

Immunize Your Dog Against Skin Infection

Pet health issue

If you own a dog then undoubtedly you might have been passing through lots of anxieties of different types of diseases, especially the skin infection which your dog is likely to be susceptible to.

Dedicated to leave no any stone unturned in fortifying your dog against all types of diseases, if you see your canine scratching its skin it has got to make you restless, forcing you to find out the long lasting best remedy. Don’t worry you need not to get on your heel to rush to any local veterinarian as this piece of editorial, to a great extent, will help you in keeping your dog healthy and immune to common dog skin infection or canine disease. Knowledge is the best way to keep four-leg companion healthy and happy forever.

What is Canine Skin Infection?

If you see your dog scratching randomly and clicking different parts of his skin then it is a vivid sign of skin infection he must have got victimized of. Red patches noticed over abdomen and hair fall reveal the skin infection in pet dDogog requiring proper care in routine and prompt Medical attention in serious condition


Itching, burning sensation, hair fall and red swelling are some of the common symptoms of skin infection in domestic dog. If your dog Sears scratching unconditionally, whining randomly, then it has got to be sign skin disease.

What Causes Canine Dog Infection?

Skin infection affects the dogs due either to allergy, weak immunity or hereditary diseases. Be it a pup or mature dog they all live very closely with family members in the house, just like a family member so do they use everything be it cozy bed, sofa or mattress which many of the canine breeds happen to be allergic to.

These allergens trigger skin diseases, causing itching and inflammation and turning the skin red. If not treated on time it protracts further often leading to excessive hair fall and sudden emergence of rough patches.

Let’s have a look at some of the remarkable conditions affecting the skin of a dog.

  1. Lack of Hygiene: Not providing regular bath is one of the major causes triggering dermal infection in the pet.
  2. Excessive perspiration and nature: Even if a dog is given effective bath regularly, the chances of a skin infection even then can’t be ruled out as perspiration renders skin susceptible to bacterial infection that leads to skin diseases in dog.
  3. Random Licking: Licking legs, abdomen and anal regions randomly is the common nature or habit of dog that also contributes in canine skin infection. The dogs are licking different parts of the body during interaction with family members or playing in the garden. Although the tongue of the dog is supposed to be treating an infection itself, it is the injury sustained over the sites licked vigorously by dog that contributes in skin infection.
  4. Ring worm: It is non contagious disease, caused due to fungus or skin flora, that causes dog’s skin to get affected with topical conditions.
  5. Fleas, lice and Mites: The dogs happen to be susceptible to such insects and so are easily affected with infectious diseases over their skin.
  6. Allergens: Some substances and food items also are found to cause skin related infections in dogs. Coffee, tea, pollen, Qualitron based food items and fibers are major substances which the dog happen to be allergic to, and catching skin related infections.
  7. Hereditary: There are many diseases, which emerge as hereditary diseases in dogs. The skin related problem in a dog under this category are recognized as ichthyoids, Seborrheic, dermatitis Hypotrichosis and skins frigidity.
  8. Hormonal Disorder: Also known as endocrine abnormalities it affects the regions mostly over tumors, testicles and testicles of the dog causing immense itching over area.

Types of Canine Skin Infections

There are two types of canine skin infections Medically identified as primary infection and secondary infection. Where the primary infection can be treated with proper hygienic condition, the skin infection, secondary in nature, requires prompt medical attention under the supervision of expert vet.

Falling into the abnormal type of canine diseases in a dog is autoimmune skin disease medically identified as seborrheic, dermatitis, hypotrichosis and skin fragility.

Treatment of Dog Skin Conditions

Instead of bothering to find out best medical treatment it is better on a part of dog owner to take precautionary steps to rein in infection causing conditions.

  • Keep your dog away from bacterial onslaughts.
  • Make sure that your dog takes regular bath with antibacterial shampoo.
  • If you notice any kind of infection in your dog then use over-the-counter medicines available in local market. You can see the suggestion of Medical Store operator in finding out the best solution for your pet affected with the skin diseases.
  • Consult a vet in secondary infection: If your dog has serious symptoms such as oozing pus, excessive hair fall, dark black rough patches, fatigue and suffocation then you should take your dog immediately to the nearby vet to help him get rid of his serious skin conditions.

Summer Cut for Dogs

Pet Care

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of obligations. While there are many kinds of pets that can be kept at home, dogs are the most popular the world over. While other pets like cats, birds and even fish require almost no grooming, a dog has to be groomed on a regular basis. Grooming can be done either professionally or at home. In case you have Pomeranian dog then you much read Pomeranian Cut for Dog.

Grooming Essentials

Before commencing grooming of your dog at home, ensure that your dog is at ease and not agitated due to any reason. If you do sense some level of discomfort in your dog, try to make him comfortable by offering a treat or by taking him for a walk. Begin the grooming session only when the dog is willing to participate.

There are many things that have to be looked into at the time of grooming:

Bathing. Veterinarians generally suggest dogs to be bathed once every 3 months.

Brushing. Regular brushing helps to remove tangles and prevent matting.

Teeth. Clean the teeth using toothpaste, baking soda or even plain water.

Eyes. Carefully check the eyes for any signs of tearing, bulging or reddishness in the white region.

Ears. Clean your dog’s ears with the help of cotton wool, making sure that the ear canal is not compromised in any way.

While a haircut is not necessary in every grooming session, it nonetheless forms an important part of grooming.

Summer Haircuts

If you are a pet parent, you can get your dog’s hair cut either professionally or at home. While professional cutting does have an edge over clipping done at home, it all depends on the comfort level of the dog and the preference of the pet parent concerned. Many a times, a dog might be of a nervous disposition and unwilling to step into unfamiliar confines for clipping hair. Cutting hair at home is the better recourse in such a situation.

Dogs have an in-built tendency to have thicker coats in winters. Once summer arrives, the same coat is shed naturally to make it more comfortable for the dog. There are many pet parents that do not cut the hair of their dogs, instead letting the naturally occurring phenomenon of shedding to contain hair as per the environment.

However, there are other pet parents who believe in taking matters into their own hands by getting their dogs’ hair cut short in the summer season. One of the most popular haircuts preferred in the summer season is a full body haircut where the entire coat is clipped to a uniform length. While the length of hair to be retained depends upon the pet parent, veterinarians suggest not clipping the hair too close to the body. A length of at least half an inch is to be retained so that the skin of the dog is not unduly exposed to the elements.

Another kind of haircut quite popular in the summer season involves styling the hair as per the preference of the pet parent. In such a haircut, hair is cut short in certain places and left longer in other places. Instances of such haircuts are the Lion Cut and Teddy Bear Cut commonly seen in Pomeranians. While in the Lion Cut, hair at the neck and head is left long, resembling a lion’s mane, and trimmed elsewhere; in the Teddy Bear Cut, hair is uniformly cut short all over the body and left longer on the head.

In the end, it is the prerogative of the pet parent as to whether to keep the hair short or to leave it long. While some clip their dog’s hair short due to practical reasons, there are many others who leave the hair longer for aesthetic reasons.

How To Groom Your Dog

Pet Care

Grooming a dog is not child’s play. With proper grooming, many diseases can be checked on time or prevented altogether. Today, there are many centres that offer professional grooming services for pets. Such centres might be a good option for those that wish to keep a pet but either do not have the time or the inclination for grooming. Nevertheless, grooming at home has its own benefits. While lighter on the pockets, grooming at home also helps the pet to be in a trusted environment where he can be comfortable.

Grooming Essentials

While grooming, the areas that need to be addressed are:

  1. While regular bathing might be required for dogs that tend to get dirtier than the others, veterinarians generally suggest bathing the dog once in 2-4 months. As a dog’s fur is lubricated with natural oils, any overzealous bathing might strip the coat of its oil balance; thereby paving the way for skin infections later on. Moderation is the key here. While bathing your dog, it is essential to choose a shampoo which is specifically made for dogs. Shampoos made for humans might be too harsh, and can end up doing more harm than good. Also, it should be kept in mind to keep an anti-skid mat beneath the paws of the dog so that the dog does not slip or lose its footing. After working up a rich lather, the shampoo should be rinsed out completely. Any shampoo that remains in the fur can lead to residue formation.
  2. Choose a good quality brush or clipper for your dog, you could see the list of 5 best dog clipper at crittersitca. Regular brushing is advisable as brushing removes grime and dirt, evenly distributes natural oils across the coat, removes tangles and keeps the skin clean. While brushing, pay attention to fleas as well as flea dirt, small black motes or specks that indicate flea infestation.

The manner of brushing and the frequency depend on the dog breed and the coat they have. While breeds like Boxer or Chihuahua sporting smooth short coats require to be brushed just once a week with a rubber brush, short dense furs of Retrievers need to be brushed by a slicker brush once a week. Long, silky coats – such as those of Yorkshire terrier – require to be brushed on a daily basis, first with a slicker brush, followed up by a bristle brush. Similarly, for Pooches with long hair with a tendency towards matting, daily brushing is important.

  1. Teeth-cleaning. For dogs, maintaining good dental hygiene is very important. To clean the teeth of your dog, you can either use toothpaste made for canine teeth, baking soda or even plain water. Initially, you will have to get your dog accustomed to the idea of having his teeth brushed. For this, simply massage the dog’s lips working in a circular motion for up to a minute for some days. Once the dog is comfortable with that, progress to the real thing. Keep in mind to always choose toothpastes and toothbrushes especially made for dogs. Toothbrushes that can be slipped over the finger are also quite handy.

A good way to ensure ideal dental health for your dog is to get him a rubber chew toy which stimulates the salivary glands and maintains dental hygiene in a most natural way.

  1. Paws and Nails. Regular clipping of nails and hair at the feet is advisable. If unkempt, hair at the feet can be a breeding ground for germs and other foreign particles.
  2. The area in and around the ears should also be checked routinely for fleas and ticks.

Regular grooming can prevent many diseases by timely intervention and proper attention.  Well groomed pets usually are less prone to trips to the veterinarian on account of preventable diseases.