How to Eliminate Dog Odor

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Address the Dog Smell

It may be a delight when having dogs in the house. Indeed, your dog will provide companionship as well as love. But, he can also stink up your house. If you want to get rid of the dog odor in your house, you have to target specific fabrics such as furniture and carpet. It’s important to clean and vacuum them often. In addition, you can also remove the dog odor by giving him a bath. Continue reading this article to learn some ways to eliminate dog odor.

Address the Dog Smell

Address the Dog Smell

Use baking soda

Many pet owners choose baking soda because they offer the odor neutralizing properties. In order to get rid of some of the dog smell in your house, you just need to sprinkle a little baking soda on the areas that need to be handled.

Use apple cider vinegar

This is a great way to deal with dog smell in your home. The thing you need to do is mixing one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water. Then, you can use this mixture to spray on the area with the worst smell such as carpet, fabric, and so on. This is a great way to cover up your dog’s urine smell.

Open your windows

It’s best to keep the windows open as often as possible. By this way, you can make the air out your home smell fresher. Also, this helps to eliminate some of the dog smell. Before opening your windows, you need to consider the weather. This way aims to prevent water damage because of the rain. Also, it’s important to pay attention to the temperatures outdoors. Don’t open windows in very frigid weather.

Pay attention to specific areas with the strongest smell

To care for the dog odor, it’s essential to determine the locations with the most problematic smell. To do this, you have to walk around the house. Then, care for smell the furniture as well as find rooms affected most.

Consider locations your dog frequents

We recommend you to go around areas your dog take the most time here. You can see whether there is any noticeable odor thanks to your sense of smell.

Spray some air freshener

You can cover up any sources of smell by using an air fresher. After cleaning all your carpet as well as furniture that causes the dog smell, you need to spray some air freshener on the areas where have the dog odor. But, some air freshers come with bad chemicals for animals and humans.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Consider a general cleaning product

This is considered as one of the best ways to get rid of dog odor. You have to clean your house often. It’s best to use a general disinfecting cleaning product in order to break down pet-related odors. There are some popular brands such as Urine Off, Nature‚Äôs Miracle, Biokleen, Pawsitively Clean, and Rug Doctor.

Sweep and vacuum often

You can easily see the dust and dog hair over time if your house has tile floors or hardwood floors. It’s more difficult to see them if you have carpet. But, you still have to clean them regularly. In addition, don’t forget to wash your own bedding at least once a week. By this way, you can also cut down on any odor.

Take Care of Your Dog to Reduce Smell

Take Care of Your Dog to Reduce Smell

Bathe your dog regularly

By bathing your dog regularly, you can reduce dog odor in your home. This way also helps to keep the odor at bay. You should use a high-quality pet shampoo. It will help to eliminate dandruff as well as buildup on your dog’s skin.

Brush your dog’s teeth

If your house gets the better smell, you need to keep out the dog odor. To do this, you should maintain his health and hygiene. You should also brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week. You can consider feeding your dog some dog food types that can be able to help him maintain dental health.

Wash dog toys

If your pet regularly plays with his toys, they can get pet odors over time. Don’t forget to wash his toys at regular interval. You can wash fabric toys in the washing machine in the delicate setting. But, you shouldn’t wash plastic toys in the washing machine. Instead, wash them with your hands.

Consult your vet about problems

Your dog’s odor can lessen significantly when you clean your house as well as your dog regularly. But, if the smell doesn’t go away, it’s time to consult your vet. Then, she will give you some help. In addition, she can also advise you on the additional steps you can do in order to get rid of the dog smell. There are some common causes of excessive dog smell such as ear infections, dog halitosis, improper diet, and anal gland problems.